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Simply the Great Aid

Tri-Service General Hospital has cooperated with international medical organizations such as the Red Cross, the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund(the Taiwan ICDF), and the National Youth Commission for sending volunteers to participate in volunteer service groups, free medical consultation clinics and mobile medical groups.


These groups provide short-term and long-term medical services and also cooperate with local doctors in the local hospitals for special medical cases to exchange clinical experience in an interactive manner.

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Schedule my PT-PCR test with Tri-Service

Sometimes it is hard to get on a right time or a place to access your medical service in Taiwan. With a great need from the community, International  medical service center would like to help you arrange an appointment for you.


Live stream with Tri-Service Community

Our live stream channel is now live!    

The medical team is eager to  reach out all of you. There are many well-educated message on the website providing a strong bond with our communities. 

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