As early as the outbreak of pandemic, Vietnamese government immediately proposed a national lock-in policy and the people showed a high degree of cooperation. It's a model to the world. Looking back at Taiwan, the performance of epidemic prevention is remarkable as well. In order to increase the exchange of pandemic prevention, Da Nang and TSGH hold this online conference to against COVID-19.


In 2019, at the invitation of Vietnam, the Superintendent Tsai of TSGH leaded medical team to visit Ho Chi Minh Medical University Affiliated Hospital, Da Nang General Hospital and TSGH signed the MOU contract which is both parties agree to a comprehensive cooperation exchanges of health and medical information, visits and organizing discussion forums...etc.The closely and friendly medical exchange between Taiwan and Vietnam has been started.


According to the conference, each keynote speaker presented excellent insight about experience of treating COVID-19.

  • Screening and quarantine strategy for highly contagious diseases in the emergency department
  • SARS-CoV-2 Treatment experience in TSGH
  • Nursing ward management of COVID-19 in TSGH
  • Accuracy identification of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2(SARS-CoV-2) by real-time RT-PCR


The speakers include HOANG Huu Hieu, ICU attending physician of Da Nang General Hospital. Shih-Hung Tsai, the director of department of Emergency Medicine, Tsung-Ta Chiang, Attending physician of Infectious Disease and Tropic Medicine, Hung-Sheng Sheng, Lab Director of Division of Clinical Pathology, Pei-Ping Jao, the register nurse of Negative Pressure Isolation Ward&Infectious Intensive Care Unit.


We believed that through this meeting, we can combine clinical professional experiences.Working together to safeguard the health of Taiwanese people,prevent epidemic continues to spread, any possible to help our community. It's believed that it has been as part of efforts among nation.