Living in two years outbreak of pandemic now, we have to admit that COVID has greatly restricted many international cooperation, however Tri-Service and First Central Hospital of Mongolia always find ways to better each other. They decide to hold the online conference to discuss the development of AI technology and organ transplantation for future establishment.


In past cooperation, the Superintendent Tsai of TSGH and TSGH has great partnership with First Central Hospital of Mongolia. The MOU contract which is both parties agree to a comprehensive cooperation exchanges of health and medical information, visits and organizing discussion forums...etc.The closely and friendly medical exchange between Taiwan and Mongolia has been flourished.


According to the conference, each keynote speaker presented excellent introduction of each own hospitals. AI and organ transplantation experiences is being shared:

    1.Introduction of Hematopoietic Stem Cells Transplantation ( HSCT ) at TSGH
    2.Introduction of AI-ECG platform

    The speakers include Shiue-Wei LAI M.D., PhD Attending, Division of Hematology & Oncology, TSGH Wen-Hui, FANG M.D.AIOT executive officer of TSGH


We believed that through this meeting, we can combine clinical professional experiences. Working together to develop the AI technology for medical used and organ transplantation to save more lives. It's believed that it has been as part of efforts both nation.