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Visitors from the Fourth Hospital of Mongolia (12,January,2023)

Sharing Experience of hospital quality and management in in Tri-Service General Hospital.

With the successful containment of COVID-19 outbreaks, numerous collaborations are resurfacing. Building upon the foundation of close and friendly partnerships with various hospitals in Mongolia, the Fourth Hospital of Mongolia has initiated contact with the Tri-Service General Hospital, expressing their interest in visiting Taiwan. This visit signifies a significant step towards furthering collaboration between the two institutions.

International cooperation with GHSSS HOSPITAL IN Mongolia (22-27,September ,2022)

The AI-assisted ECG Interpretation Platform developed by Tri-Service General Hospital

On September 26th, the establishment and donation ceremony of the Artificial Intelligence-assisted ECG Interpretation Platform took place at Mongolia's oldest national hospital, the First Central Hospital. The event witnessed the presence and speech of Ambassador Luo from the Taipei Trade and Economic Representative Office in Ulaanbaatar, underscoring the significance of the occasion. Local Mongolian media outlet also reported on the event. This highlights Taiwan's enduring commitment to global values, exemplifying the adage of "Taiwan can help and Taiwan is helping" as we navigate the challenges of the post-pandemic era and showcase Taiwan's strength in the field of healthcare.


Sharing Experience of AI technology and organ transplantation in Medical Community in Tri-Service General Hospital.

Corona virus outbreaks globally for two years already, however a country with excellent control. Base on closely and friendly cooperation-ship, the First Central Hospital of Mongolia Director, Tri-Service General Hospital and Taiwan Representative Trade and economic office in Mongolia decided to hold this online conference for exchange of experience and opinions on AI technology and organ transplantation to benefit both side of communities.


Sharing Experience of Treating Coronavirus in Medical Community:From Local Relevance to Global  Significance

Coronavirus outbreaks in Southeast Asia, compared with Vietnam, it's  a country with excellent control. Base on closely and friendly cooperationship, Da Nang General and us decided to hold this online conference for exchange of opinions on this health public issue.

Online meeting 2
online international conference (23,april,2020 )

Sharing clinical experience and treatment of Coronavirus with Russia experts

Due to the rapid spread of the epidemic to the world,  Moscow State First Medical University (Russia), Tri-Service General hospital, and our representative in Russia as a tri-partnership has held a multinational online conference to against COVID-19.

Online International Conference (16, April 2020)

The Role of Trace Elements in Treating Coronavirus infection

A  clinical practice and health care exchange online conference that is well held in  Taiwan, Taipei. We spoke about the treatment of COVID-19 and how the Trace Element, Zinc may may possess protective effective effect as preventive and adjutant therapy of COVID-19.