Simply the Great Aid

For those people who are in need!

Love in Taiwan!

Our international assistance covers nations include Nora, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Kiribati, Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia, etc. We send corresponding physicians from approximately thirty different departments, such as cardiology, metabolic, infectious, urology, orthopedics, nanotechnology and neurology, etc., for meeting the nations'  need.

Our volunteer medical groups carry out the medical activities in disadvantaged countries or disaster-affected areas from one to three weeks up to three months and more for the promotion of humanitarian assistance.

we utilize our soft power - advantaged medical strengths to promote the diplomacy of Taiwan thereby creating opportunities for integration into global health communities. Then, the medical visibility and influence of Taiwan among the world could be deepening and broadening so that we can be tightly integrated with the world in a substantial and internalizing way.