Extending hands: Clinical experiecne exchange between Taiwan and Russia

Online meeting 2

Under the assistance of the Representative office in Moscow, TSGH held a conference on combating COVID-19 clinical experience with many professionals  on Thursday.

The conference was organized by the International Cooperation and exchanged base, a platform held by ROC (Taiwan) and Russia. This conference allows Taiwan and Russia to share its expedites with partners to fight with COVID-19.


About 60 officials, scholars, and medical doctors and nurses attended the conference to exchange clinical experiences, treatment and prevention from Sechenov University, International University of Rehabilitation Medicine, Representative office in Moscow, Science and Technology Division [of Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Taiwan, Tri-Service General Hospital.



According to the conference, each keynote speaker presented excellent insight about COVID-19. Great strategy, insights had been put in this conference. Many questions had been answered by experts.


Through this unique way, extending hands were reached out to the needs among nation. It is the belief that more various, systemic and international corporations will continue to thrive.