Happy thoughts from our Tri-Service clients

Let me gratefully tell you that I got an appointment when I devastatingly need it. They are caring and willing to listen and help. That makes the service in Tri-Service General Hospital different and special.  It should be greatly known by the  community in Taiwan. 

How can I do? I was  not knowing anything about health care system in Taiwan, I felt  really trapped. A close friend of mine gave me a email, and the thing  suddenly change. Tri-Service General hospital provides a friendly environment, and makes  all the medical process easier  for foreigners. I recommend to all people I meet to this hospital if they needs help!

A heartfelt service of  Tri-Service  changed my aspect of  a hospital.They assign a registered nurse to be there to assist  for me. I  felt safely guided throughout the visit.  I feel being cared and comfortably ask help, questions, and  share  my thoughts. Thumb up and keep up the good work.



Write a email regarding your passport information (Full name, date of birth and passport number, contact number) and the desired date for PRC.



The appointment will be confirmed within a day.

A registered nurse will be on the site and assist your coming and your question.


Come on time with your passport to check in and enjoy the service at our hospital.

RT-PCR Notification


  • (1) Please bring your passport and check in with your passport.
  • (2) Please confirm with the qualification, the regulations and policies of arrived country or destination.
  • (3) PCR-Test is now only provide at our health Center. PLEASE GO to ER if you have sign or symptom for help. The charge for PCR service is 4,500 dollars per person, and the report will come out between 4-5 in the afternoon on the same day. 
  • (4) Check-in hour: Mon-Friday: 08am.-8:30a.m
  • (5)  Pickup Location: NeiHu OPD Service counter No.1 to No.7.
  • (6)  A family member or a friend are acceptable to pick up the result with your passport and receipt at our service counter.


Contact Information

Address: Address: No.325, Section 2, ChengKung road, Taipei City, Taiwan, ROC.  Tri-Service General Hospital

TEL: +886-2-8792-3311#88217 (off on weekends and holidays)

E-MAIL: tsg.intmed@gmail.com

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