Online medical conference with Sechenov University in Russia

A historic online conference between Tri-Service General Hospital and Trace element research team of Russia

Online meeting 3

“Trace Elements Research” of Tri-Service General Hospital is Taiwan’s first and only international joint research lab dedicated to research and clinical applications of trace elements.


By the leading of the superintendent Tsai of TSGH, The Tri-Service General Hospital have been cooperated with  Dr. Skalny’s Laboratory of Russia, and Federation of European Societies on Trace Elements and Materials (FESTEM) in Europe. This conference aims to strengthen and deepen its capacity in trace elements research and potential clinical applications for COVID-19, to the benefit of enhancing medical care quality of TSGH and safeguarding patients’ health and well-being.


According to the conference, each keynote speaker presented excellent insight about COVID-19 and Trace element.

  • Zinc-associated Anti-viral Immunity against COVID-19
  • SARS-CoV-2 Treatment Experience in TSGH
  • Zinc and respiratory infections: potential agent in therapy of COVID-19
  • Infochemistry and petrochemical platform for COVID-19 diagnostics and microelectronic status analysis


The speakers include Alexey A. Tinkov,  Leading researcher in the Laboratory for Molecular Dietetics, Sechenov University, Ekaterina Skorb, the Director of Infochemistry Scientific Center of ITMO University, Saint Petersburg. Bing-Heng Yang, Executive Secretory of Trace Element Center , and  Chun-Hsiang Chiu, Attending infection ICU.


They suggest that modulation of zinc status may be beneficial in COVID-19. Despite the lack of clinical data, they have found certain indications that  zinc is tightly associated with risk factor of COVID-19 including ageing, immune deficiency, obesity, diabetes and atherosclerosis.


"We are looking for further study and experimental and hopefully that it will help the world."


The conference and [speakers] were carefully designed and chosen based on what we are facing right now and any possibility to help our community. It is believed that it has been as part of  efforts among nation.